2018 Rules & Regs



1. The submission of any entry to the Festival implies acceptance of these procedures and rules by the Entrant.

2. The same film may only be entered once in the Festival.

3. Entries can be of any duration—in either narrative, story, animated or other art form—and can be submitted by professional or amateur filmmakers. The only separation of groups involves the youth category for filmmakers 17 and under.

4. Filmmakers from any location may enter the Festival and are encouraged to attend the Boone Film Festival events.

5. Screening fees will not be paid. The Festival retains the option to screen award winning films during Boone Film Festival events.

6. All submissions will be retained by the Festival for adjudication, on-demand, and archival purposes, and will not be returned.

7. The entrant grants the Festival and its successors, licensees and assigns the right to copy and version the entry in its entirety to facilitate technical operations of the Festival, in and through any and all media formats now known or hereafter devised.

8. An admission charge will be made to the public in order to defray the costs of the Festival.

9. A submission fee for each film entry is required to help with processing. The fee is $15 during Early Bird submission period (3/1/18 thru 4/30/18); $20 during the Regular submission period (5/1/18 thru 7/31/18); and $30 during the Late submission period 8/1/18 thru 8/31/18).

10. Finalists will be notified by October 1, 2018.  Schedule of films to be screened will be posted by October 5, 2018.

11. The Entrant acknowledges and agrees that all matters will be decided by Festival organizers and the Festival jury at their sole discretion.

12. The Boone Film Festival and its organizers reserve the right to adjust or amend the requirements.

Technical Requirements

Format for submissions should be in the form of .MOV, .MWV, .AVI, .MPG, or .FLV.

Two separate copies of the entry on two separate USB thumb drives are required for mailed-in submissions.

Films in excess of 30 minutes must submit a “Festival Cut” not to exceed 30 minutes in addition to the full length submission. These entrants will be judged on the full length version of the film.

Promotional Materials

Entries must be accompanied by three images from the film to be reproduced, published, and/or exhibited for promotional purposes as they pertain to the Boone Film Festival. All images must be accompanied by film title and photographer credit.

Preferred Format: .jpg crop to 4”x 6”

Entries may also be accompanied by a trailer cut :20-:60 seconds in length for promotional purposes.


The Entrant agrees to indemnify The Boone Film Festival, their respective successors, assigns, licensees, and their respective officers, directors, members, agents and volunteers and hold them harmless from and against any and all claims, liability, losses, damages, costs, expenses (including reasonable legal fees) and penalties arising out of, resulting from, based upon or incurred because of a breach by the Entrant of any statement, representation or warranty made by the Entrant in this entry form.

Grant of Rights and Waiver

By entering the film competition, the Entrant represents and warrants that:

a) The Entrant hereby grants The Boone Film Festival the rights to use the film as outlined in this entry form.

b) It owns all right, title and interest, including the copyright and all intellectual property rights, in and to the film being submitted to the Festival and has the right to distribute, exhibit and promote the film in or through all media formats now known or hereafter devised, including, but not limited to, the Internet throughout the universe;

c) All music licenses (including, without limitation, all synchronization, mechanical and master-use licenses, as applicable) have been obtained and all payments have been made that are required for the public performance of the music incorporated in the film; and

d) No material in the film being submitted by the Entrant to the Festival is libelous or is slanderous or defamatory or violates any right of privacy or publicity of any person, and the full use of the rights in such film will not violate any rights, including copyright or moral rights, of any person, firm or corporation.

e) To the extent that the Film Producer may now or in the future be entitled to any so-called moral, author’s or similar rights in the film pursuant to the Copyright Law of the United States or otherwise, the Producer hereby irrevocably waives and relinquishes all such rights in favor of The Boone Film Festival and its assignees and licensees to the fullest extent permitted by law.

f) By entering the Boone Film Festival, the entrant acknowledges and agrees to all entry rules and regulations of the Festival.