2016 Sponsor Highlight: Best Youth Film

WONDERLAND WOODS color wide finall

Wonderland Woods:  Sponsor of the Best Youth Film Award, and Production Partner for Boone Film Festival

Why support of the Boone Film Festival is important to Wonderland Woods- in their own words:

The three of us fell in love with filmmaking at an early age and it has changed our lives in ways we couldn’t even imagine! When we first came to Boone about 5 years ago we brought with us our passion for filmmaking . We noticed that there wasn’t much video production being done in Boone so we decided to start our own production company, Wonderland Woods. It was a part of our vision since the beginning to help cultivate and inspire filmmaking in our town through a local film festival. We come from a thriving film community in South Florida where we used to participate in local and international film festivals every year. We witnessed first hand the impact it can have on both filmmakers offering them a platform to showcase their art and network with fellow filmmakers as well as boosting the local tourism industry bringing people together from all over.

Within the first week of being here, we discovered that if we wanted to make an impact on this community and implement these new ideas we would be most effective if we took the time to become a part of the community first. We dove head first into the Boone culture, embracing the quality of life that makes our new home town so unique. When we heard of Boone Film Festival we jumped on board as soon as we could. This film festival is truly a dream come true for us.

We see a lot of ourselves in today’s youth struggling to get some recognition and outlet for their artworks so it’s an honor to be sponsoring the youth category. This is a great way for us to be a part of the film revolution that is happening in our town.

In addition to the 1st place prize in the youth category we will also get to meet and mentor the winner by sharing some of our filmmaking experiences.  We have big hopes and dreams for Boone and the Boone Film Festival for years to come. For now let’s take it one festival at a time.

Visit WonderlandWoods.tv to learn more about this talented team and their projects.