2016 Presenting Partner: Footsloggers Outdoor & Travel Outfitters


Footsloggers Outdoor & Travel Outfitters:  Presenting Partner of Boone Film Festival

Why support of the Boone Film Festival is important to Footsloggers- in their own words:

Footsloggers believes in this beautiful region called the High Country.  There is a reason that in 1971 Footsloggers’ roots were planted here why we remain focused on this area.  Our culture, our history, our geography, our climate;  these are all very unique and highly valuable resources that blend to create a special ‘sense of place.’

Through a lens many attempt to capture some of the essence of this ‘sense of place.’  We need many more to engage this area, the Appalachian Region, and help to share stories.  The art of the story, as well as the art of presenting that story, are precious.  Footsloggers is honored to support the Boone Film Festival in its inaugural year and in the future- because we recognize the fact that there are many, many stories to be shared.  We recognize that Boone is in a unique position in time and place, one that can support a new movement in videography, storytelling, and creative pursuit behind the lens.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour stops in Boone each March.  Footsloggers has been the Presenting Sponsor for this sell-out event for all 20 years of its history in Boone.  Supporting the Boone Film Festival is a natural progression of our desire to strengthen film and photography in our region.

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