Q:  When is the 3rd Boone Film Festival Event?

A:  Early November 2018!


Q:  When will film submissions open?

A:  March 1, 2018


Q:  When is the film submission deadline?

A:  The early bird deadline is April 30, 2018;  regular deadline is July 31, 2018;  late deadline is August 31, 2018


Q:  What is the schedule of events?

A:  Schedule of events is TBD


Q:  Where can I purchase tickets?

A:  Information about ticket sales will be released this Summer


Q:  Where do the proceeds go?

A:  The Boone Film Festival is managed 100% by volunteer service, and 100% of the proceeds over operation costs are donated.  This year, the donation will benefit local nonprofit, The Mountain Alliance.


Q:  Who is in charge of the event?

A:  There is a Board of Directors that coordinate all leadership for the Boone Film Festival.  There is also an Advisory Board of very talented and engaged volunteers that help to steer specific aspects of the Boone Film Festival.


Q:  When did the Boone Film Festival begin?

A:  The concept was born in February 2015, and the inaugural Boone Film Festival took place in April 2016, after more than a year of planning.


Q:  When did planning begin for the 3rd Boone Film Festival?

A:  We began to meet regularly in December 2017 to plan the 2018 Boone Film Festival.


Q:  How can I support the Boone Film Festival?

A:  There are several ways to support the Festival, and its efforts to generate funds for purpose of local nonprofit support.  One can consider becoming a sponsor, one can make a straight donation via our Paypal account, and one can participate in supporting events- all of which create opportunity for donation.